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Heart of Wisdom





Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach
Heart of Wisdom Bible-based Unit Studies guide students through academic studies using living books, Charlotte Mason methods, writing-to-learn activities, and Christian materials while interacting in a meaningful way with the massive amounts of information available on the Internet!

Heart of Wisdom Unit Studies

Ancient History: Adam to Messiah
Seven Chronological Unit Studies in one Combined Volume

Suggested Resources by Catagory
Over 2300 Charlotte Mason Type Books

History (Year 1) Science (Year 1) Bible Study
General History General Science Bibles
Adam to Abraham Creation Bible Study Tools
Mesopotamia Light Bible Stories
Ancient Egypt Energy Greek Language
Ancient Israel Matter Hebrew Language
Ancient Greece Motion Classic Bible Studies
Ancient Rome Electricity Hebrew Roots
The Messiah Current Issues
History (Year 2) Science (Year 2) Life Skills
Early Church Weather Wisdom
Vikings Oceanography Diligence
Middle Ages Botany Virtuous Women
Renaissance Geology Godly Men
Reformation Astronomy Courtship
History (Year 3) Science (Year 3) Homeschool Help
General USA History Animals / general Robin Sampson
Age of Exploration Marine Biology Ruth Beechick
Pilgrims to Colonies Ornithology (Birds) Valerie Bendt
Colonies to Country Entomology (Insects) Charlotte Mason
Civil War Earth Zoology Clarksons
American West   Diana Waring
    Mary Pride
    Creative Teaching
History (Year 4) Science (Year 4) Language Arts
Industrial Era Anatomy General Building a Library
World War I Senses Phonics
Depression Brain /Nervous Writing
World War II Skeletal/Muscular Hebrew
Holocaust Respiratory/ Digestive Biographies
1950 to Today Heart /Circulatory Missionaries


Literature/ Classics
Classics grades K-3 Classics Grades 4-8 Classics Grades 9-12
Christian Classics Classic Bible Studies Christian Fiction

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The Heart of Wisdom unit studies are for those who want to make the Bible the focus of all learning. Heart of Wisdom Ancient History Unit Studies present history chronologically, geographically and politically focusing on God's people. Heart of Wisdom Science Unit Studies present science topics in the order of the days of Creation.

The Heart of Wisdom Approach is a combination of several teaching methods:

Quick and Easy Overview

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The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach

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Download files below explain the HOW Approach details.

Heart of Wisdom

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What is a Heart of Wisdom?